New Half-million Dollar Ripsaw “Tank” Looks Radically Fun

A company named Howe and Howe Technologies has just released its 2018 line-up of Ripsaw tracked off-road vehicles.

(It’s not actually a “tank” but the internet is calling it that…just roll with it)

Unlike the older original Ripsaws sold to the public (pictured above), the 3 new ones have a covered cockpit seating arrangement.

These are the three variants for 2018:

-Single Seater “Ripsaw EV3F1”

-Two Seater “Ripsaw EV3F2”

-Four Seater “Ripsaw EV3F4”

The following Specs/Photos/Videos are from Howe and Howe Technologies press release.

“Ripsaw EV Series (Extreme Vehicles) super tank platforms are one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles.”

“Originally designed and built for the military as a light weight, go fast super tank.”

“Ripsaw proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed.”

“These unique off-road vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate.”

“And can cost over half a million dollars,
depending on desired luxury and performance packages.”

Some of these up-grades are simple winches but the big money comes in the Horsepower options…which range from the low end of 500 HP and go up to a massive 1,500 ponies.

The 3 ranges of top speeds are 55mph, 60mph and 75mph.

That top end speed is achieved by using a massive 727 Cubic Inch Hellcat Hemi engine to hit the 1,500 HP mark.

Have you seen this baby in the movies?

Well, if you watched the new “Fast and Furious” movie then “yes” but ya probably just caught a glimpse of it during a commercial.

Snow or heat…if you’ve got the money, you can have the ultimate off-road vehicle…the Ripsaw.

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