Nobody On The Flight Expected The Stewardess To Do This… But It Was All Caught On Video.


Marty gave the passengers a twist they didn’t see coming.

When you’re on an airplane, it is most of the flight staff’s goal to be completely professional and by-the-books. However, Marty Cobb from Southwest isn’t your average flight attendant. She made sure to tell everyone the safety features of the aircraft and what to do in case of an emergency…

But she also instructed the passengers in such an amazing way. Iy was unlike anything we have ever seen. She puts her heart and soul into this announcement and we love it.

Her in-flight instructions were unlike anything they have seen before.


To see what she did for yourself, check out this video. A passenger happened to catch this awesome flight attendant in the act:

This is how every flight should begin.

Marty Cobb found a way to enjoy her job, no matter how redundant some parts of the day were. Share this fantastic distraction with others by clicking below!

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