Nope, We’re Outta Here!

I’m not thirsty anymore, thanks!

“I feel like Edgar Alan Poe is watching me when I’m in the bathroom.”

“Saw this near my house.”

This dragon-looking piece of wood looks frightening at first glance.

“I’m gonna have nightmares after seeing this.”

“This realistic Halloween decoration that actually scared me.”

“My wireless earbuds make a face when they’re charging.”

The reflection of an umbrella makes it look like there is a spider in the spoon.

IT visited

“This scorpion-shaped piece of bark, stuck to some cardboard in my yard, that just about scared me to death.”

“My clothes made a women shadow figure in my closet! I was horrified.”

Let me in or beware…

“Went for a bike ride with the kids. This tree monster scared the cr@p out of me.”

“The reflection on my kitchen tiles, that looks like a Stormtrooper, scared me for a sec.”

“My mom’s slippers look like scary ghosts.”

“My 9-year-olds thought this was hilarious. Scared the daylights out of me.”

“He/She scared me as I opened up my new printer!”

“Is there anything you’d like to discuss with me?”

“My drink looks like a crocodile is looking at me.”

Those snake-looking braids…

“My parents’ dog wants to know what you’re doing.”

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