Nostalgia Is Real With These 52 Photos

“Everyone Wanted One Of These In 1996”

“Been Planning Deaths Since The Early Days”

“We Used To Play Dodge Jarts. Yes, All The Toys Wanted To Kill You In The 70’s”

“Most Of You Were Not Yet Born, But I Was There !!! I Don’t Have Any Original Photos Of The Event, Just The Ones I Find In The Media, But I Was There !!!”

“The Golden Age Of The 49ers”

“Denim Binders. Mine Were Always Covered In Bluballpoint Pen Doodles. So Satisfying To Draw On”

“Football Sticker Albums. When School Became A Swap Market”

“Chu-Bobs: Bubble-Gum Records In Miniature Album Covers”

“VR From The 90s”

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