Nostalgic Stuff That We Did Without Realizing It

Growing up sucks, especially knowing that we’re no longer able to do the things that once brought us joy. Time never stops ticking, so that means we need to cherish these moments now before they’re gone forever. Here’s a list of things that we’ve all done for the last time without even realizing it.

Ripping open a brand new CD

Playing “Oregon Trail” on a floppy disk

Taking a trip to your local Blockbuster

Eating gourmet school lunch cafeteria food

Struggling to text using T9

Drinking from the water hose

Illegally downloading a song (and probably giving your parents computer another virus)

Getting excited seeing the teacher wheel this into the classroom

Taking a picture on a digital camera

Physically renting a movie from a Redbox

Going to the Scholastic Book Fair

Blowing into a dusty Nintendo cartridge

Making beats and freestyle rapping on this specific table

Playing Minesweeper in the school computer lab

Shuffling through songs on an iPod

Printing out map directions

Playing “Super Mario 2” on NES

Spinning a cassette around a pencil

Chatting with friends on AIM

Putting new batteries in your CD player

Listening to music on headphones at FYE

Looking up movie times in the newspaper

Taking the bus home from school

Watching a kid ascend to the top of the Aggro Crag

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