Not Like This, Fashion… Not Like This…

Perfect Pattern Placement

Someone Thought This Was A Good Dog Graphic

Totally Invisible

Imagine Having To Wear This For Your Job

For The Hot Summer Days

The Burning “Eye” Of Sauron

That Dress Has Some Problems

Something Ain’t Quite Right Here

Today In NYC. Yes, That’s The Actual Baby’s Face

Perfect For The Woman Who Wants To Relive The Fears From High School

Crappy Skirt

I’m Not Sure I Understand

Orchestra Teacher’s Shirt Design For Students Looks As If People Are Being Hanged Together

We Decided Grandma Shouldn’t Wear Her Bahamas T-Shirt With A Sweater

These Pants That You Can Get For 907$

Wallet Chain Ankle Crocs – Thank You Small Town Malls

T-Shirt My Dad Won In His Nursing Home

This Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

My Daughter’s Dumbo Jumper


Wow, Look At Eiffel Tower Which Is In New York And In Sweden


Someone Needs To Work On Differentiating Their O’s And A’s

Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Brown Dress In A Swimming Pool

These Socks

This Shirt When You’re Walking

Elf Shoes? I Raise You Hoof Shoes

My Friend Found This In Thailand


I Guess You Could Mistake These Jeans As The Japan Flag

The “Ghosts” On This Dress Look Like Something Else To Me

I Think These Are My New Favorite Socks

This Shirt

I Do Not Think This Word Means What You Think It Means

Fashion Is Evolving

All Three Butterflies Are Exactly Alike

Someone Was Wearing These At The Mall And I Had To Double Take

If Only The Eiffel Tower Looked Like One Of The Letters In The Word “Paris”

What To Wear If You’re Double-Headed With Four Arms? Ah, Here You Go

This Is What $2850 Can Get You

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