Now That’s How You Design Products

“Aldi pasta sauce jars have measurements under the stickers.”

“This hand cream has dotted rubber edges on its lid so that you can open and close it easily with creamy hands.”

“My shower head shows you how hot the water is!”

“A soda can that explains what you can do to reuse the tab after you finish the drink”

“These public benches are reversible so you can choose to look at people or boats.”

“This biker’s jacket has signal and brake lights.”

“Pringles cans have warning stickers that keep the lid from falling.”

“A cappuccino container that also works as a straw”

“My spatula has a little stand so it doesn’t touch the counter.”

“This holder is made in a user-friendly way that makes it easier to change the toilet paper.”

“An ice cream holder that perfectly fits onto your saucer”

“This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor.”

“My new shoes came with a pick keychain to get out rocks and gunk from underneath.

“This remote has a headphone plug in it so you can listen to the TV quietly.”

“A baby door inside a normal door so kids can reach”

“This ruler has a cascading millimeter mark that makes it easier to read.”

“The incorporated green and red bar lets cleaners know how much paper is still left.”

“USB and AUX ports in this car glow at night so you can easily plug in the cables.”

“This trail map is on the ski lift so you can plan out your course before getting off and not have to worry about dropping your phone.”

“My car’s dome light has a detachable flashlight.”

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