Nuclear bunker homes are ultimate in “private community”

Need a place to hang with friends during a nuclear explosion? A California-based company named “Vivos Group” is one step ahead of you.


In the official words from the company, “this is the place you will want to be when the SHTF” (Sh*t Hits the Fan).


Vivos is developing a community that will be comprised of 575 private bunkers. Each one of those bunkers made of hardened concrete and steel is capable of withstanding a 500,000-lb. blast.


The community is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was originally built in 1942 and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers until 1967 as a place to store bombs and munitions during the Cold War.


That was then, welcome to 2017 where the Vivos Group has purchased the 18-square mile complex and renamed it “xPoint”.


You can get a 99-year lease on a single bunker for an upfront payment of $25,000 with a mere $1,000 yearly payment for community renovation costs.
Each nuclear shelter comes “as-is” but there are no rules as to how you’d like to outfit the inside.


The units all measure at a width of 26.5 feet with a 13 foot tall ceiling. If you get in early, the larger units span a length of 80-feet. For the later buyers, they will get the smaller units that only span 60-feet.


Once you become an owner the “members only” gate will open where Vivos xPoint will provide 24/7 onsite security from Military trained guards.


Vivos suggests some obvious additional build-outs such as: plumbing, electrical, power generation, air filtration and exhaust. No worries because they can do all of these basics build outs for an extra $25 thousand bucks.


In addition, you will be provided with a full-time staff to attend to your maintenance needs.


The company has brought in many interior design firms to make these bunkers feel like “home”.


For example, this rendering above shows how LED screens could function as “windows”.


The site has future plans to build the following:

-General Store
-Members-only Restaurant & Bar
-a Community Theater
-Hot Tub Spa and Gym
-a Medical Clinic
-Hydroponic Gardens
-a Chapel
-Shooting Ranges
-a Vivos Equipment/Construction Supply Depot with a Woodworking Shop
-and multiple Horse Stables


At this point, all of the units are available. However this March of 2017, after the snow melts in South Dakota, Vivos will begin hosting tours of the complex with plans for tenants to start moving in as early as this up-coming summer.


Let’s not forget that this is a community. As such, they even have plans to build school classrooms for the children.


This all sounds good except for one little question: how the f*** does one plan to get from their home in Beverly Hills to a locked down community in the Black Hills of South Dakota…before the big-one goes off?


Yeah rich people, I got ya there? Nope.
Aside from having over a 100 miles of onsite private roads for quick access to each of the bunkers; the community has access to both a nearby municipal airport and multiple private runways.

If all goes as plans, xPoint will be the “largest survival shelter community on Earth”.


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