The Most Obnoxious Vouples Online

We get it. You’re perfect for each other. It’s only been one week, but you already know you’ve found the one. When he was holding your feet while you did sit ups and he stole a kiss when you came up? That’s when you knew it was real. Good thing you made your friend film it so you can put it on Instagram. “Find someone who shares your passion and do it together. #FitCouple” you make the caption. Wow. Amazing. You guys are more than just a couple — you’re a goddamn inspiration to everyone blessed enough to make your friends list.

So thank you, obnoxious couples online. With your close-up make out photos and your “you sign off baby — no YOU sign off baby” Facebook comments, all of us are learning the true meaning of love. Just make sure that in two weeks you make the messy breakup just as public.

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