Odd Things That Can F***in’ Kill You



Because of the very peculiar texture that Jell-o has, it is incredibly hard to dislodge from your throat with the Heimlich maneuver.

Sports Balls

Being a spectator at a sporting event is fun, but it does come with some danger. Every year, thousands of people are struck by sports balls such as hockey pucks, baseballs, and golf balls. There have even been a handful of incidents in which people have lost their lives.


It isn’t just the fact that you can potentially strangle yourself with these things- there have been over 80 instances of people dying because they didn’t hear the danger (a car horn, someone yelling “watch out” etc) coming.


Umbrellas can be incredibly dangerous. Last year, a woman was stabbed in the throat by one that was blown out of someones hands.


In Russia alone there are over 100 deaths every year due to icicles falling on people.


Most people know not to drink the shit, because that is one sure fire way to get sauced and tossed. But, even accidentally mixing bleach with ammonia (which can be found in paint and urine) can produce a gas that can indeed kill you.

Extension Cords

Around 4,000 people make their way to the E.R. as a result of an accident involving an extension cord. There are about 50 deaths yearly because of them, too.


An open manhole can cause serious injury and even death. Not only could you severely hurt yourself from falling, there are gasses in there that could suffocate you.

Spray Cans

With enough heat, these things become grenades. Should one go off within your vicinity, things could get really dangerous.


Too much of a good thing ain’t so good. Yes, you can certainly die from ingesting too many vitamins over a course of several days.

Body Spray

Using a lot of body spray on a frequent basis can build up butane gas in your system which can lead to heart attacks.


There are approximately 400 deaths every year that are a result of people falling out of bed.

Christmas Trees

Though the weather outside may be frightful, it’d be even more frightful inside if your tree was engulfed in flames. Approximately 7 deaths per year are caused by home fires originating at the Christmas tree.

Bread Clips

These things can easily get lodged in your throat, or even worse, down further and cause internal bleeding. Like the old Canadian PSA ad used to say, “Don’t you put it in your mouth.”

Fire Hydrants

Irony, right? Well the thing about these guys is sometimes they can be holding down so much pressure that a big nudge can cause them to shoot out into oblivion. In 2007 a car ran into one that ended up catapulting into a pedestrian. He died.


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