Old School Is The Best School

“My grandpa (middle front) and his classmates with the veichle they built in school. Late 1930’s”

“My Grandmother getting her portrait drawn by a street artist in New Orleans, 1966”

90s gaming room.

“My great uncle Roy passed away today, here he is looking cool af on his Scotter with his wife Peggy. 1956.”

“The original Mad Max Interceptor sitting in a wrecking yard in South Australia 1984”

Ol’ Blue Eyes

“My fathers band “Mistress” later 80s.”

Young lads admiring a nice lady (1958 Budapest)

Seth MacFarlane, early 90s.

“My granddaddy in front of the capitol building in Columbia, SC, 1961.”

Marilyn posing for soldiers in Korea after a USO performance in February 1954

Natalie Wood.

Oh, Audrey…

A selfie in the early 1900s.

Yugoslavian girls tanning on the rooftop, probably in the 60s.

“Found this picture while cleaning out my grandmother’s closet. Apparently my great grandmother (in white) and her sister were badasses. England 1930s”

Grace Kelly

“My Grandfather posing with his first car, a 1930’s Ford Model A (circa 1942)”

Maynard James Keenan & Adam Jones during an early Tool performance; Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine in the front row (1990).

“On this day 30 years ago skateboarding became legal in Norway. Here from a secret and illegal ramp during the ban”

Danny Trejo working out at Muscle Beach, 1995


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