Old Treasures Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Old Treasures Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Found this old 7-UP can buried on my property

This WWII newspaper of Germany’s surrender found in my grandparent’s attic

Was told to post this here. Just found 7 unopened cans of bud light from 1996 in the crawl space.

50 years ago today

Found two bottles of Guinness in the attic. 1874 I think.

My mom was cleaning up and found a piece of paper her and my dad wrote on from before they got married in ‘86. they were together until 2011 when my dad passed

Found this in my workshop from the previous owner. He saved a used light bulb with a note 31 years ago.

I found a huge stone with engravings from the 17th century.

After a construction company caused a local reservoir level to sink 10 feet, a 600-Year-Old Buddha carving was found

In 1994 , my bicycle had a flat tire . In 2020 , we were cleaning my grandmothers yard , and the bicycle appeared under decades of overgrowth.

I found a pre y2k zippo while magnet fishing today

Couple who remodeled the bathroom left a note for future tenants.

Found this while dismantling an old drawer, handwritten note from 1878… gold luck reading the writing though!

Found under a file cabinet

Old soda can

Posted about an old disposable camera that’s been sitting on a shelf

104 year old foot powder, found in my attic.

About a week ago I was tearing down a chimney for a rebuild and found a sketch by the original masons, from 1897. Sketch describes the chimney crown.

Found this glass Gatorade bottle out on a nature walk today! The top was sticking out of some deep mulchy ground. Glass bottles were discontinued in 1998!

This book from 1892 I found inside a hole in the wall in a rental flat

Found when renovating

These 1990/1991 Burger King food boxes

A 123 year old Winchester rifle found leaning against a tree in Nevada

Found a radio product catalog in the depths of my lab’s storage area.

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