Organo Gold Is Built Solidly On Strong Set of Principles

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and exists for the benefit of coffee lovers around the world. The Canadian-based company makes use of independent distributors to distribute premium coffee products, teas, and beauty products to its customers.

The Organo company dedicates itself to offering products to customers that improve their health and enhance their lifestyle while providing distributors with a means to achieve financial independence. The company prides itself on operating with a core set of principles that provides and maintains quality, service, and integrity.

Value System

It is explained on the company website that the Organo company stresses the importance of parity, edification, and loyalty. The culture of the company is one that promotes feelings of unity and a strong sense of family. All individuals that are part of the Organo family are treated with respect and equality. This is a mandate that comes from the top of the company’s chain of command.

The company takes a focused interest in helping its distributors develop the skills necessary to fully nurture their entrepreneurial spirits and attain personal fulfillment.

This sense of family is extended to customers of Organo as it is a company philosophy to tirelessly work at the development of the highest quality products possible to provide to their global base of customers.

Company Structure

The products offered by Organo Gold cannot be purchased in stores or other retail locations. The network of distributors the company maintains delivers company products directly to consumers. The business structure of the company allows customers to experience a personalized buying experience as they communicate directly with the independent distributor of their choice. These distributors can also invite customers to become distributors themselves.

Company Leadership

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, was already a rather accomplished businessman and network marketing expert before deciding to launch the company in 2008. Chua is one of the first individuals to promote the wonder herb Ganoderma in places other than Asia where it originates.

The effort and dedication that Chua has applied to the endeavor have resulted in the Organo company becoming one of the most successful network marketing companies and now has distributors located in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Shane Morand is the company’s co-founder and it is quite probable that he has executed more sales of Ganoderma-based products than anyone else associated with the company. Morand is the man responsible also for the company’s plan for compensating distributors, sales training, and development of leadership skills. He has also been applauded for cultivating the base of leadership that has affected company growth into six continents.

Holton Buggs added his impressive list of talents to the Organo family in 2010 and his stellar performance led to his appointment six years later as the company’s Chief Visionary Officer. Buggs take an active role in the marketing of Organo products and oversees company ventures that range from the launch of new products to the development of new distributor incentive programs.

Buggs’ status as Chief Visionary Officer also makes him responsible for the company’s long-term global vision and the pace at which the company continues its expansion.

About The Organo Company

The Organo company is a global distributor of premium coffee products that seek to use this platform to promote the beneficial uses of the Ganoderma herb. Balance, prosperity, and wellness are all things the company wishes to promote to its customers and base of distributors though opportunity and product offerings.

In just ten years, the Organo Brand has grown from a fledgling startup to a global powerhouse that serves millions of customers on a consistent basis.

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