Palace of the President of Zimbabwe

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  1. WTF man……this is indian movie actor shahrukh khan’s house in mumbai ..its called “mannat”…and not zimbabwe president’s palace ………

  2. Soendoro Soetanto

    Nice house 🙂

    Soendoro Soetanto

  3. Wow! But it’s very unfortunate for one of the poorest countries in the world gappling in abject poverty.

  4. good to know where the foreign aid ends up … 🙁

  5. Seriously – some people have absolutely no taste. What’s it called? Oh yeah, Dictator Chic. Yuck.

  6. Lol, this is so fake and old.

    The house is one up for sale in Beverley Hills.

  7. Paid for with the blood of his people.

  8. And let’s believe EVERYTHING we see on the Internet !

  9. is it in Zumbabe or white house ?

  10. is it in Zimbabwe or white house ?

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