People share the worst turnoffs that will drive even the most stable person up a wall

“Littering. I knew a girl who was fairly attractive in all aspects until we were headed somewhere and she just throws trash out the window. Never understood not being able to hold onto your trash until you find somewhere.”


“Cute” baby-voices for girls. One of my friend’s girlfriend’s does it all the time, and it’s so fucking annoying.”


“Sending me a picture of nothing but a close up of your cock. Cocks by themselves are completely unattractive. I have never received a picture of a cock and thought “I’m must suck that.” Nope. Never. But send me a picture of your dressed, seeing a hint of your smile. Something else entirely.

So yeah. Cock pics. Does nothing for me.”


“Guys who spit like its nothing . Nasty shit”


“Fake laughing too much.”


“Using the wrong your/you’re.”


“Insulting anyone for enjoying something. Examples I’ve heard on first dates:

“Ew, why would anyone read a book they don’t have to?”
“I can’t stand this guy at work, he eats Indian food every day” (I asked. He was, in fact, from India.)
“I broke up with my last girlfriend because she was into comic books” (I asked; it had nothing to do with excess or obsession, just the fact that she enjoyed them at all was a problem)”


“Not acknowledging that the trebuchet is vastly superior to the catapult. I mean, can a catapult launch a 90kg projectile over 300m? I thought not.”



If we’re in a relationship, we feed off each other. Not one for being overly demanding.”


“Arrogance, trying really hard to sound intellectual, being rude to cashiers, waiters, etc.”


“When he brags about bullying someone and how “tough” he sounds. I’m not looking for a jerk. I’ve come across a couple of those guys and it was an instant let-down.”


“A man who has long fingernails. I want a man with short, neatly trimmed fingernails.”


“Hearing “I only eat organic produce”.

I’m out.”


“Fake tans.

You can be the hottest person in the world, but if you look unnaturally orange, shut it down.”


“Playing dumb.

It’s incredibly annoying when women think its funny or cute to play dumb and act stupid.”


“Excessive facial piercings. Not looking to date a fishing lure.”


“When someone says they don’t like tacos… I can’t have that negativity in my life!”


“Chewing with mouth open, and smacking on food.”



We get it, your life is vastly better than everyone else’s.


“She put milk in my tea without even asking. I don’t need that.”


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