Pets Need More Love. And Even More Than That

“So, that’s how hoomans hug? I like it.”


This furry cadet just wants you to obey the law and rub his belly.

The look of one thankful and loving dog after finally getting adopted

You can tell this cat loves her owner!

This dentist brings his dog into his office to comfort the kids.

“Please, hooman, don’t go!”

Posing for a selfie with your best bud like…

When your human has been gone for one hour, but it feels like it’s been years…

Who doesn’t love cuddles?

“Please human, do not stop loving me.”

A quick pep-talk before a vet visit

This little girl got attacked by a huge dose of cuteness.

When you’re still a toddler and you need some support to not fall down:

He’s happy because he found the best sleeping spot.

“Yummy, yummy earrings!”

True love, no matter what.

You can almost physically feel the love.

This pup looks so happy about his nap.

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way this kitten looks at its owner.

When this man and his dog were reunited after the California fires:


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