Pit Bull is so grateful for a rescue, he can’t stop hugging

Some people are too quick to dismiss the term “Love at First sight.” I mean, sure, can you find someone and love them automatically in the very second you lay eyes on them. Probably not. Not with people. With dogs on the other hand, I 100% agree it’s a thing.

That’s what happened to Philadelphia student Kayla Filoon. She volunteers at the ACCT Philly shelter as a dog walker and one day she came across Russ the Pit Bull, just looking at her. In that second, it was love.

Russ had been brought into the shelter as a stray and he was really worse for wear; he was missing fur on his tail and ears and was incredibly skinny. Kayla knew that she had to take him home.

But you know, there’s protocols and such to follow, so she went about the rest of her day and came back later to check on him. He was still just chilling there, quietly waiting. She took him for a 45 minute walk and it only took the first 5 for her to fall in love. As soon as she came down to his level, he was super cuddly with her and acted so sweet towards her and the other dogs.

She also found that he knew basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘down’ and ‘stay’ which made her think that he used to belong to someone who cared enough to teach him, but somehow he ended up on the street.

She decided that she had to take him soon, as the kennel was going through some renos and was overcrowded. They had recently euthanized several dogs and Russ had a good chance of being on the list for the next round as he had kennel cough, was in rough shape and of course, his breed.

The next day she came back and took him for a car ride to see how acclimatized he’d be to vehicles, and he just sat there like a polite boy.

That was it, she had to have him. When they got back to the shelter, she adopted him and brought him to his new home.

Lucky for Russ, Kayla had 6 other roommates who fell in love with him too and started to give him all the love he deserves. I took him a while to get used to the situation, however, so he just slept and rested, trying to get over his kennel cough.

But once he did, he started to thank Kayla everyday by sticking close to her.

One day she was doing homework and had an entire couch, Russ’ bed and blankets everywhere, but he crawled up onto the couch and snuggled with her.

Her roommate posted it on Facebook and it went viral with over 50K shares.

Just look at him.

From almost being next on the chopping block, to finding a mom to rescue him, this guy’s not going to stop being affectionate. He’s literally the perfect dog.

Kayla (and I’m sure anyone who’s rescued a dog will tell you), this is why you should adopt rescues. After everything they’ve been through, they deserve to be loved and love so tremendously in return.

This guy literally won’t leave her alone, and that’s fine with her. He’ll literally come to her and put his head under her arm or lay a paw on her chest.

Or he’ll just lay on top of her for some snuggles.

He’s seriously the most grateful dog, and Kayla and he are so lucky to have found one another. Russ, keep on hugging. You’ve earned all the doggie snuggles you’re getting.

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