Plastic Surgeon Looks For Celebs With Perfect Faces, And Here Is His Top 12

Dr. Julian De Silva used an ancient formula of “Golden Ratio”, which, in terms of beauty, says that the face of a beautiful person should be about 1.6 times longer than it is wide. The distance between the forehead hairline and the bottom of the chin should be divisible into 3 equal parts. And, finally, the eye width should be equal to the distance between the eyes.

At first glance it seems like the Golden Ratio is only a number, but it might be the secret to measuring beauty. Many Renaissance sculptors and artists, like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael used it to achieve balance and harmony in their works. Some people also believe that the most attractive human faces show the Golden Ratio in their proportions.

First of all, the face of a beautiful person should be about 1.6 times longer than it is wide. Second, the distance between the forehead hairline and the bottom of the chin should be divisible into 3 equal parts as it’s shown on the picture above. And, finally, there are some more proportions that may influence our attractiveness — for example, the eye width should be equal to the distance between the eyes.

Dr. Julian De Silva decided to find out which celebrities are closest to the Greek ideal. With the help of computerized mapping techniques, he analyzed several facial points like the shape of the face, lips, eyebrows, and other features, and created the following list.

Cara Delevingne — 89.99%

Katy Perry — 90.08%

Natalie Portman — 90.51%

Scarlett Johansson — 90.91%

Kate Moss — 91.05%

Taylor Swift — 91.64%

Ariana Grande — 91.81

Amber Heard — 91.85%

Beyoncé — 92.44%

Bella Hadid — 94.35

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