Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet in College

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or anything, owning a pet can be an exciting adventure. But it can also be a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Many people decide to buy or adopt a pet without having an idea of the restrictions that are associated with pet ownership. The decision to own a pet in college should be made after evaluating various factors, as it has different pros and cons. Let’s check them out.


Are you yearning for that feeling when a furry friend is sitting on your feet or curled up on a couch beside you? Pets will give you more than that, and here are the benefits of owning one.

Help Relieve Stress

Just like an admission essay writing service can help reduce writing stress, a pet can reduce the daily stress associated with student life. You will notice that a pet owner is always happy and smiling as they walk their pet down the block. According to the American Heart Association, pets help reduce a person’s stress and increase their productivity. It is often a thrilling experience to return to the house and reconnect with the pet that was waiting for you the whole day and is happy to play with you regardless of your mood.

A Good Exercise Motivator

One of the causes of the current obesity crisis is the lack of exercise among the population. A student’s schedule is sometimes hectic, leaving little time to exercise and improve overall fitness. Owning a pet can be the remedy you need to go out and exercise. Pets are playful and require walking down the block in the evenings. As you walk your pet, you are also getting important exercise. So, if you do not feel like exercising, a playful pet might help you engage in physical activity.

Pets Are Good Companions

Living alone is lonely, especially when you have few friends to spend time with. Loneliness can increase depression, reducing a student’s quality of life. Pets are loyal companions who help in reducing the chances of loneliness. Unlike humans, pets are not moody and do not fall out with people. You might fall out with a friend you have known for a long time, leaving you lonely, but a pet will always be there for you, no matter your mood.

Social Advantages

Pets can help introverts interact with people by giving them something to talk about. One aspect that promotes introversion is the feeling that you do not have something to share with others. People like to listen to experiences you’ve had with your pet; it will give you something to talk about with others. Additionally, having a pet might make you have more friends. As you walk down the street with your pet, you might find someone who is impressed with your pet and might ask you a question or two. The conversation can lead to a long-lasting friendship.


Before you seriously consider owning a pet in college, you should examine the disadvantages that come with it. Let’s dive in.

Associated Costs

Living with a pet can be costly, especially for students on a tight budget. Just like humans, dogs must eat. You will need to have a budget for what to feed your furry friend; if you are on a shoestring budget, this will significantly affect you. Pets also get sick, and they need to be seen by vets from time to time. The vet visits can be costly if your pet requires medication. Pets also need toys to play with when you are away; all these should be factored into your budget before the acquisition.

Time and Attention

You should be ready to devote a significant amount of your time and attention to a pet. You must train a pet, like using a potty, behaving on a leash, and acting around people. This training is a long process that does not happen overnight. Failing to train a dog, for instance, can leave you dealing with a furry friend who damages property and pees on couches, among other undesirable behaviors. Additionally, dogs must be taken out in the evenings, and if you do not have adequate time to do all these assigned tasks, you will likely find it difficult to keep your pet happy. So, you need ample time to take care of your pet and do personal activities like studies and checking out grademiners review.

Pets Can Interfere with Your Social Life

Though pets can help you make new friends, they can also affect your relationship with your friends. Many college students spend the whole weekend at friends’ places, but this is not feasible once you own a pet. You will need to feed and walk your pet, which should be incorporated into your daily routines. As you try to ensure that your pet plans fit into your routine, there is a risk that you will have less time for your friends. If your buddies are not understanding, they might feel that you are trying to avoid them or you no longer have time for them.

Housing Limitations

Owning a pet, especially one that is large, can limit the residence you can live in. Many universities do not allow students to live with pets on campus; a student who wants to stay with a pet must seek residence outside campus. Living on campus has many advantages for a student, including increased safety, lower costs, and easy access to peers, making it easier to form study groups. Living off campus can negate all these benefits. Besides, some landlords do not allow pets, and your housing options will also be limited off campus. Moreover, some apartments that allow pets have breed restrictions, and you will have difficulty finding a residence that accepts your pets.


Seeing someone walk with their pet might look attractive and adorable, and you might be tempted to get one of your own. Before making such a decision, there are many factors that you need to consider to ensure that you can balance your student schedule and the needs of the pet. Owning a pet can be costly because it needs to be fed and taken to the vet regularly. Pets also require time and attention; if you are a busy student, the pet might come in the way of your schedule. Therefore, you should assess the benefits and drawbacks of owning a pet in college before deciding to get one.

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