Quarter-million dollar animal inspired Camaro for sale

This piece of “art” is named the “DreamRyder”. It was created by guy named Bill Logan over a period of 13 years.


Back in 2011, Mr. Logan tried to sell the car but his minimum bid was not met. That’s probably because he’s looking to fetch a mere $250,000…and yesterday, he put his creation back up for bids on Hemmings automotive classified section.


What is the “DreamRyder”? Under all of the added fiberglass is a 1984 F-body Camaro.


Back in 1984 the High-Output (HO) 5.0-liter engine could churn out a heart-stopping 190 horsepower with the top of the line version selling for $14 thousand bucks.


Next logical question, what makes this car worth an additional $100-plus thousand dollars; let’s use the original eBay Seller’s Description:

“Built on an “F” body 82-92 Camaro over a 13 year period, I consider it functional art.”


“So my work is an animalistic representation in the form of a sphinx like creature, crouching between its flanks, about to pounce. In the front is a face with a beak, fangs and eyes.”


“The roof is kind of a bat ray with an eagle like head and its body spread out behind it, embracing the rear window and ending in a sweeping transition into a creatures buttocks in the rear.”



“All the lights are functional and are fiberglass as is the rest of the body as are the side pipes.”



“I have built a set of molds so I can reproduce any part I might need. I am considering building an enhanced version eventually.”


“It is a driver and a traffic stopper and is very well received at shows.”


Mr. Logan took his time photographing the car too. For a back-drop, he chose a cemetery. You can’t make this sh*t up.


The current highest bid for the DreamRyder is holding steady at $5,900.


Like building a large wall, you can ask people to pay for anything. Doesn’t always mean you’ll get it.

Then again, you will have a car with ten exhaust tips that produces very little horsepower and a license plate saying, “WATIDIZ’.


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