Rapper MGK Tricks “Fans” Into Flipping Off Eminem, Gets Eviscerated By The Internet

Given the list of celebrities and rappers alike who’ve been lyrically buried by Eminem, it’s kind of a known thing that you don’t go after him. It’s like willingly sticking your hand in a hornet’s nest, but with the knowledge that the hornets within the aforementioned nest have been fed copious amounts of angel dust, were shaken violently and then forced to listen to Florida Georgia Line for weeks straight. You just kind of know to stay away from anything that angry.

Enter rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Thinking it a savvy idea to come after a guy whose literal name is ‘Rap God,’ MGK recently released a diss track called ‘Rap Devil’ calling out Eminem. I won’t link to it because it’s not worth your time. Eminem’s response to the diss, a track he named ‘Killshot,’ is. You can check it out right here.

Long story short — a small beef started, Eminem responded to MGK’s diss with ‘Killshot,’ and the internet (once again) had a very one-sided opinion of who delivered the more scathing track.

Because there are enough pro-Eminem reactions to warrant a post (or two) of their own, let’s just fast-forward to this past weekend when a very butthurt MGK decided to do something really stupid.

In an attempt to fire back at Eminem and flaunt the “support” his fans were giving him, ‘Ol Kelly took a photo with a massive crowd flipping off the camera alongside him wearing a t-shirt with the ‘Killshot’ track photo on it. Look at all those MGK supporters, right!?

Wrong. Kelly had tricked an entire audience into doing that.

The massive audience was actually there to see Fall Out Boy, and Machine Gun Kelly was just opening for them. Apparently, he walked out on stage with a hoodie on and asked the crowd to be a part of his ‘flipping the camera off’ photo op.

Once they (somewhat) cheered in agreement, he turned around, took off the sweater that was hiding this shirt, snapped the picture and then posted it to his social media with the caption “he missed.” It wasn’t long before Fall Out Boy fans took to Twitter to set the record straight.

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