Real Faces Behind Famous Voices

Bart Simpson—Nancy Cartwright

Siri—Susan Bennett

Voicemail Lady—Jane Barbe

Bugs Bunny—Mel Blanc

Scooby-Doo—Frank Welker

Geico Gecko—Jake Wood

Minions—Pierre Coffin

Mario—Charles Martinet

Winnie The Pooh And Tigger—Jim Cummings

Philip J. Fry—Billy West

The Home Depot Commercial—Josh Lucas

Perry The Platypus—Dee Bradley Baker

Bubbles—Tara Strong

Hump Day Camel—Chris Sullivan

Kool-Aid Man—Frank Simms

Internet Service Provider America Online—Elwood Edwards

Ludwig Von Drake—Paul Frees

Tony The Tiger—Thurl Ravenscroft

Pillsbury Doughboy—Jobe Cerny

The “In A World Where” Voiceovers From Movie Trailers—Redd Pepper And Don Lafontaine

Tommy Pickles—Elizabeth Daily

Progressive Box—Chris Parnell

Aflac Duck—Daniel Mckeague

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