Monday , 21 January 2019

Reasons We Respond

Every day, first responders display true strength and courage by putting their lives on the line to protect and save others. Nobody makes them do it; they choose to do it. In anticipation of the upcoming film Only The Brave, in theaters Friday, based on the inspiring true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, we asked first responders in our Chive community why it is that they respond. Why do they run to help others in need? Where do they find the strength to put themselves in harm’s way to keep strangers safe?

This is why they respond…

“What drives me is the awesome feeling of helping people, and of course the adrenaline rush!”

“It’s easy to say you should do something, it’s harder to do it. I’d rather be the one making hard decisions and helping people.”

“I love helping people. I’ve volunteered with Special Olympics since I was 14. And after my treatment was botched by EMS in a wreck that killed two of my roommates, I didn’t want anyone else to suffer like I did. Took a few years to get it done, but I’ve been in EMS for almost 6 years now and I love it!”


“To serve the city I grew up in! Every day I go to work I don’t know what to expect, best job in the world!”

“My first born. I want her to be proud of what I do and how I contribute to the community we live in. Honored to be at a station just a couple of miles from our house so the opportunities to see my wife and child are many while on duty. You can’t always follow your dreams but you have to follow your opportunities.”

“What drives me is the community involvement! Nothing beats seeing the smile of a kid when you tour them through a fire truck.”

“I grew up around it and realized young that I was called to it. I could be the light in the darkness, the reason someone smiles on their worst day, and because I love my neighbors and wanted to continue the work my father gave his life doing by selflessly serving them.”

“I enjoy solving puzzles and the human body is the biggest puzzle. Knowing that my work makes someone feel better, or keeps them alive is the most rewarding feeling.”

“It’s all about helping to make the world a better place. I have lost count of how many calls & rescues I have made in my 19 years of service. There is also an adrenaline rush when getting a toned out & going into a burning building.”

“My grandpa did it. I never considered joining until one day I walked to the city council and asked. “What do I have to do to be a fireman?” The receptionist handed me an application and I turned it in. 4 years later here I am! My motive is the people, I firefight in my community.”

“Trying to make a difference in the community and show my kids that in a town full of evil, there are still good people left.”

“Joined our volunteer SAR (Search and Rescue) team because of my Dad. Love being in the mountains and being able to help someone in need. My teammates are my second family.”

“To help those in need at their worst. You run out I run in.”

“Wanted to be a firefighter since I was a kid. After almost 17yrs as a volunteer, have seen the good as well as the bad. Why I respond: because someone in our community needs it.”

“I was an army combat medic… I wanted to help people. That’s why. That simple.”

“To be the best part of someone’s worst day!”

“I do it for my daughter. To give her a role model. To show her that not all Family is blood. That maybe one day she will do better than me and do great things. That is why I respond.”


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