Reasons Why The World Desperately Needs An NSYNC Reunion

The New York Post is reporting that legendary pop super group NSYNC is reuniting at VMAs this Sunday. This will be the first time they’ve been together in 10 extremely long and also painful years. Please pray.

NSYNC had impeccable taste in shiny, oversized jumpsuits.

They were the only band to ever *successfully* pull off “Christmas in July.”

They were unpredictable. Lord knows how Chris and JC ended up upside-down like that!

Not many people know this, but they were also skilled magicians.

You could oftentimes find them huddled together draped in an American flag.

Overalls were their preferred clothing choice.

NSYNC is the only band in history to successfully and efficiently transform into marionettes.

They could (almost) jump at the same time. Joey struggled.

Here, they’re appealing to members of the Aryan Nation.

For a brief period, they wore goggles.

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