Thursday , 21 February 2019

Rescued Cow Thinks It’s Just One Of The Dogs

After Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas, Tammy and Ren Canton’s home was at full capacity since they had already taken in two families. However, after they saw this baby calf who had been abandoned by its mother, shivering in the flood waters, they had to take it in. Hell, I live in an second-floor apartment, and I even I couldn’t have said no that face! They named the rescued calf Harveigh, bought her some formula from a feed store, and then she became part of the family.

The family already has several cows on their property, but said raising a newborn calf “was a whole new experience”. Despite introducing her to the other cows, Harveigh felt more comfortable in the house with the dogs. The Cantons said “I don’t think they realize that she is a cow and not just a really big dog. Truthfully, I don’t think Harveigh sees herself any different from the dogs”.

Harveigh is approximately six months old now and getting awfully big. Therefore, while transitioning Harveigh to live fully among the cows, they’ve built her a ‘cow condo’.

She spends plenty of time outside, but is always caught coming back to the house to hang out with her fellow dogs.

Perhaps as Harveigh gets older, she’ll realize she is indeed a cow, but if not that’s okay with us!


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