Review Of The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro – A Dark Horse In The Market Of TWS-Headphones

Not many of us have heard about the Soundcore headphones. Even the name is somewhat complicated – Liberty Air 2 Pro. But in fact everything is simple. Liberty means freedom from wires, in this case absolute, because we brought wireless charging. Air stands for lightweight ergonomics. And Pro hints at the charged, including active noise cancellation sound. Noise cancellation plays an important role during focused gaming, so these headphones will fit any game, from top PC porn games to medieval games. And this is not all the chips that can boast one of the most interesting for its price TWS headphones. If anything, the Soundcore brand is owned by Anker.

A set for every ear.

The first thing to enjoy is the box. You can tell right away that you’ve bought the thing. Quality, textured printing, thick cardboard, clear instructions – a beauty! Secondly, the set is impressive. For example, inside there were 9 pairs (!) of ear cushions – the right size is sure to be found. In addition, there is a USB-C cable for charging, which means that everything is modern, fashionable and youthful. You do not have a feeling that you have been spared.

Attention to detail

The Liberty Air 2 Pro case looks like it was picked up on a pebbly beach. And Soundcore did nothing for it – essentially simple and accessible plastic was given a light texture and painted in a color pleasing to the eye.

Separately delivers the design of the cover – it slides up. The slider opens access to the “ears” themselves, which are easily removed from the magnetic fasteners. There is no need to pick anything, shake it out and so on – everything is very ergonomic. Yes, the removable cover is a bit loose, but judging by the click the construction is still reliable and will not fall apart in a month.

There are three LEDs on the front to indicate the charge, a USB-C port on the back, and a flat edge on the bottom. This is for stability.

The drivers themselves look stylish and original in their own way. It is good that we did not copy the popular on the market TWS-headphone form factor “ear sticks”. Why copy when it will be bad anyway? Isn’t it better to make something of your own, cool, unique. And Anker, it seems, has succeeded.

Each earpiece has three microphones. Two outside and one inside each channel. The latter deal with noise-canceling sound correction, a standard story.

You can’t hear you! And well.

Fortunately, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro passed the noise cancellation test.  Plus it turns out that even though the fit is deep, it’s not uncomfortable. Even lying on my side, on an orthopedic pillow.

If anything, you can go in for sports and other activities in the “anchors”. However, moisture protection is not officially declared in any way, so be careful.

In general, Soundcore declares three types of noise suppression: on the street, in transport and in the office. Depending on the scenario, a different spectrum of frequencies is suppressed. In transport they cut off low frequencies, and in the office they cut off mid and high frequencies to remove extraneous voices. For my taste, it’s all pampering. I don’t want to hear anything anywhere at all. So, turned on the usual, custom noise reduction in the proprietary application (and only there, by the way) and beauty. Six built-in microphones do their job. And if necessary, they can let all the fuss of the surrounding world go to your head due to the transparency mode.

Maximal balanced sound

Liberty Air 2 Pro is firmly in the first category. Sound quality is top-notch.

Clear voice, instrumental midrange variety, neat but tight bass – the sound is very balanced. There are a bunch of presets and an 8-band equalizer in the settings of the proprietary app – and it’s all available even on the iPhone. But you can take the built-in HearID test. Based on the results, the headphones will independently select the optimal settings for each ear, taking into account individual characteristics. One for the cat’s ear, another for the deaf ear.  In any case the feature is really useful, the HearID test will expose the headphones in a new way.

It is a pity that they did not import Bluetooth codecs for lossless sounding, but not everything is a waffle.

In the kingdom everything is stable.

Or rather, the connection to the sound source is as strong as possible. Bluetooth 5 technology must be supported on both ends, and the Liberty Air 2 Pro won’t stand a chance.

In addition, the headphones are very friendly. On the back of the case is a button to put the device in connect mode. After a moment the headset appears in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone: iPhone, Android, Windows – any device. In subsequent times, the ears themselves connect to the background of the device, it is necessary only to open the slider of the case. Everything is quick and intuitive.

By the way, the control is also easy to understand. Supports touch: single, double or hold – all configurable from the application. Also on the fly you can switch between modes of noise cancellation.

Battery life of just over a day

That is, 26 hours of playback on a single charge of the case and the “ears” themselves, if you use active noise modulation or transparency mode. This is what the manufacturer reports. In fact it is the same with some minor adjustments for volume, playable content, and other nuances like Mercury retrograde.

More than anything else I was pleased with the Qi wireless charging. It is high time all the gadgets in the world got such a useful option. We placed a couple of wireless stations around the house and keep your mobile gadgets on them. In the end, all devices are always charged, without surprises.

Bottom line.

Right now, the TWS headphone market is pricing like this. The technology isn’t easy, so they usually charge as much more for it. That’s why the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro has a price tag that’s more than adequate. Especially with so many handy and useful features. Nice design, confident noise cancellation, wireless charging and, of course, high-quality sound with a couple of curious settings – all this clearly distinguishes the brainchild of Anker among the competitors.

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