Road Signs of Rage

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  1. Why would you support Jindal? What did he do once the spill came his way? He whined about the Federal government not doing more. What did he do? Isn’t he Republican? Didn’t the Federal government come to his state’s rescue during Katrina? If Louisiana wasn’t so relentlessly corrupt maybe they would spend tax money on taking care of things for themselves! Did they have any sort of contingency plan in place? Up here in the North we have snowstorms, and we prepare well in advance. We have snowplows, salt, and sand, all purchased ahead of time just in case. When the storms hit, we take care of business and move on with our lives. What we don’t do is whine and cry about how bad things are and wait for a bail out. We get things done and if government aid comes later, it refills the coffers. Southern planning is poor at best and an embarrassment.

  2. What an incredibly stupid comparison. I live in the midwest, and yes, we get snowstorms that we have to shovel out from. But our snow doesn’t stick around all year and doesn’t kill our local plants and animals.


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