Tuesday , 11 December 2018

Russian Soldiers Make Interesting WWII Discovery

While digging in the woods for whatever reason (presumably blitzed off their ass on vodka), some Russian soldiers came across an interesting find.

Their shovels hit something metallic that wasn’t a rock. Upon further digging, they saw it was an old metal box.

After prying the old rusted box open, it revealed a trove of personal items from a German soldier in WWII.

Including: Cigars.

Nazi Hats.

Nazi jackets.

Fun time rum.

More cigars!

Dirty Nazi laundry.

And Nazi money.

The insignias and various items revealed it was buried by a German Military Veterinarian in WWII. Mostly likely, the items were buried and left to hide any paper trails back to the Nazi soldier. So far, the soldier remains unidentified.


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