Sea Creatures

Amazing collection of weird and strange sea creatures.

Lizard Fish


Prickley Shark


Chimaera Pup Fish


Chimaera Fish


Blob Fish


Umbrella Mouth Ggulper Eel




Basketwork Eel


Coffin Fish






Hatchet Fish


Shovel Nosed Lobster





  1. Waauwwww . . . Amazing.

    Amazing. Amazing. !!

  2. seas, we can not even imagine how different, weird, interesting, there are a lot live. All very interesting

    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking

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    i know this sounds crazy, impossible, and completely unbelievable, BUT IT ISNT CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

  4. umm…isnt the Umbrella Mouth Ggulper Eel just a Pelican eel? >> im pretty sure it is…ive seen them.

  5. Those fishes really look weird, but I’m fascinated

  6. The SEA Creature are too Fine & the creature are gift to Us & we
    want to save the wild Creatures.

  7. Wow, this page is an exact duplicate of one of the science pages on York County School of Technology’s website. They put their page up in 1995, when did you guys do yours?

  8. great site
    cannt see more great pictures

  9. The red big crab is just a russian King Crab.

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