Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Being Naughty with Online Dating

Want to be a little naughty with online dating? Are you too shy? Check out why youshould’ve be afraid to try, and how to overcome the uncertainty!

It’s easy to feel self-conscious when dating online. You don’t want to give off the wrong vibes, and more than that, you don’t want to risk getting the attention of a weirdo. The internet has plenty of those. Some take the idea of online anonymity and the chance to be flirty as free reign to be insensitive, uncouth creepers. But that’s not who we’re talking to; this is for the girls who want to get a little naughty, but find shyness and public opinion holding them back from their real desires. What’s worth remembering is: this is the internet. There’s a reason we hang out on dating sites these days instead of attending speed dating meet-ups or hanging out at bars to find someone who catches our eye. Not only does it give us more options to meet that perfect someone, it gives us a safe environment to push our limits and learn more about potential cuties – without having to encounter the stress and dangers of real life. Be polite. Keep your charm respectful. Remember that it’s a real human being on the other side of the screen. But once those bases are covered and you’re chatting with someone just as flirty as you, why should you hold back? Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your naughty side with online dating

Remember: the “Rules of How to Flirt Online” Don’t Apply to You

There are a lot of “don’t do this” checklists out there when it comes to online dating, and a vast majority of them condemn those who want some more naughty chats. The kind you might not own up to with your friends, let alone family. It’s important to remember that these checklists were created to be overkill in hopes of knocking those creeps down a lot of pegs. You don’t need knocking down a peg – you already understand boundaries. You’re going to back off when asked to back off and make sure your chatting partner is as interested as you before the naughty flirts come out – so don’t hold back! Get a little tantalizing, a bit extreme, and go as far as you and your match want to.

No Worries of It Coming Back to Bite You

You can have a fantastic time being naughty over IM or video chats. The best part? Once you close that tab, it’s out of your life; no strings attached. You can have as much fun as you want without risking a family member or friend hearing about what you’ve been doing in your private time, or any witnesses overhearing your more tantalizing conversations. Unlike dating in real life, you can feel entirely safe and trust in the wholeness of your privacy. If you’re too shy to try it offline, there’s no reason to suppress those interests of yours. The internet was built to let you compartmentalize your life, so you can be naughty in singles chats and be whatever you want to be publicly. For example Flirt.com could be a great fit for you.

It Teaches You What You Really Want

Let’s face it; we all have a naughty side. By suppressing it or hiding it away because of shyness, all we’re doing is making ourselves frustrated and unfulfilled. Worse yet, once we do find someone special, we may rush things and scare them off, or settle down with someone who isn’t right for us just because they were the first chance to embrace that side of ourselves. By allowing ourselves to be naughty online, we can explore what we’re really interested in and get to know ourselves better, cutting out the passing fancies and being more knowledgeable in what we want from a future partner. It doesn’t make you less appealing for future dates; it makes you better equipped to get what you want and be a balanced adult!

No Danger!

Remember those creeps we talked about? They exist offline too. Now they know your face, your name, and the chances of bumping into them after the date are high. By dating online, you can ditch all odds of a creeper latching onto you. When things start going south over chat, you can log off and forget they ever existed; not something you can achieve offline!

Get What You Want, When You Want It

Relationships can take a long time to reach the naughty stage. Which is wise, but if you’re waiting for a face-to- face match to let you embrace that side of yourself, you may be in for a long wait. Even more so, the guy who fits you in every way may not share your naughty interests, leaving you disappointed. Don’t be afraid to be naughty online, because you may not get that experience you’re seeking anywhere else.

The most important reason for why you should try being naughty online: It’s fun! It’s pure, unadulterated fun, and as a grown adult, you deserve to enjoy the best of the adult experience. It’s natural. It’s a good thing! With no downsides or dangers, why shouldn’t you?

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