Siblings Are Not Always Cool

“Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of my sister and me. Some things never change.”

“Here’s my brother with his hockey trophy and medal, and then there’s me, proudly showing off my onion ring.”

“A sibling Christmas photo circa 1980 — I’m the one grabbing his parts. This is the picture my parents chose to display.”

“This one’s still my favorite picture of my brother and me. My grandpa caught the moment before my tears perfectly.”

“My mom and her sisters were told not to blink.”

An awkward family and pets portrait

“For Christmas one year, my mom made my brother and I outfits from the fabric that came with our beautiful couch.”

“This is how my 2-year-old niece insists on holding her new baby brother.”

“My son improvises without fishing gear and yanks a carp out of the lake, shocking both the fish and his sister…”

“The photographer told me to show more teeth.”

“My sisters and I went through a Sound of Music phase when we were younger. Yes, those are our underpants.”

“I REALLY didn’t want to hold them.”

“Found this picture of my sister and me. She was probably about 2 weeks old, right about the time I realized that we were keeping her, and I was no longer an only child.”

“Halloween, 1989. That’s me on the right. My sister is behind me and about to have a really bad day.”

“Just found this cute picture of my cousin and me and my psycho brother in the background.”


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