Six famous men and the whiskey they drank

Anthony Bourdain – Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon
Anthony Bourdain is a world famous chef turned food critic, traveler, television star, and alcohol connoisseur. He once tweeted out that he was going to get a back tattoo of Pappy Bourbon. He was surprised with a bottle of his favorite bourbon during a television interview and went on to say, “That is the most glorious bourbon on the face of the planet.”

Winston Churchill – Johnnie Walker Red
Churchill was such a big fan of whisky that it is said President FDR had to take recovery days after trips that Churchill took to Washington D.C. He was known to drink champagne, gin, and other alcoholic beverages, but the British prime minister nicknamed “The British Bulldog” always started every day with whisky and water, and that whisky was Johnnie Walker Red. He drank it so much that his children called the whisky and water, “Papa Cocktail.”

John Wayne – Wild Turkey Bourbon
John Wayne was known to drink other liquors, but when it came down to it he was a whiskey guy. If he were to ever go on shoots to foreign places for a long period of time he was known to pack cases of Wild Turkey for the trip. His children founded Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a whiskey brand named after their father whose nickname was “The Duke.”

Andrew Jackson – Homebrewed whiskey
The 7th president of the United States was a badass in his own right. He was a wartime hero and a huge proponent of gun fighting. When he became president, he was known to throw parties at The White House and even supplied it with his own homebrewed whiskey. That’s right, Jackson didn’t have a whiskey of choice so he just brewed his own. Today, the bourbon whiskey called Old Hickory is named after him.

Frank Sinatra – Jack Daniel’s
Frank was such a fan of Jack Daniel’s that the Tennessee whiskey company made two limited labels in his honor–Sinatra Select and Sinatra Century, which was to commemorate his 100th birthday. He once said, “Basically, I’m for anything that gets you through the night—be it prayer, tranquilizers, or a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.” Sinatra was a pretty wild dude having known to run with actual gangsters and was an original member of the Rat Pack.

Lemmy – Jack and Coca-Cola
Lemmy, the lead singer of Motörhead, is the only one on the list that mixed his whiskey. He recently died of prostate cancer, and after his death there was a petition to rename the famous “Jack and Coke” to “The Lemmy.” Food and Beverage Magazine actually made the change, honoring the petition that accrued more than 40,000 online signatures.

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