Incredible Weight Loss

Roberto Enrieu, 45, has lost a staggering 25 stone after transforming his diet and lifestyle A man who once weighed more than a baby elephant has become fit enough to run the London Marathon after losing a staggering 25 stone.

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  1. This is one person in 100,000. For the most part, once fat, always fat, and trying to lose weight is will always end up in sorrow.

  2. The biggest Loser! Truely Unbelievable.

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  4. What a wonderful achievement! Losing weight is one the hardest things you can do, and he did it! Good for him!

  5. He really has a strong will. It’s wonderful to see such an ambitious person accomplish his goal.

  6. I’ve lost 60 pounds with another 30 to go. Its hard work, but its worth it. It does take a lifetime of commitment not to turn right back around and re-gain it though. This guy did great!

  7. amazing ,,,,,how did u do this ?

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