So This Guy Just Bought A New House… And What’s In The Kitchen Is A Living Nightmare.


In the middle of his new kitchen, there was something special.

This Redditor’s father bought a new house. Inside the kitchen, there was a neat surprise. It wasn’t a wine cellar or a special refrigerator. It was quite possibly a gateway to the netherworld.
For some reason, the kitchen included a glass trap door and a deep well beneath it. The light was added for dramatic effect (and to show guests where he kept his terrors).

A well (a.k.a., a pathway to the depths).


Nothing says “new house” like a terrifying pit in the middle of a common space, frightening guests and reminding you there could always be an evil demon clown living below you (or whatever you imagine lives in dark, dank wells). Share this unique “feature” with others

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