Spiderman vs Hulk



  1. Peter Parker, now you just being annoying …

  2. Hope Peter Parker does not see this image 🙂 He may take the help of Sandman too 😀

  3. Hulk couldn’t catch Spiderman,
    or clear himself from Sm’s “longshit”

    So soon – it’ll be too much this shit – and Hulk fail.

    Sm WINS!!!

  4. Parker has the abilities of a spider.(a radioactive one).He would survive Hulk like a spider survives us humans….sometimes…..


  5. Hulk does not need to catch him one word (Sonic clap) spider-man goes down and hulk steps on spider splat

  6. Problem here is that the Hulk and Spiderman are based on the same person. Notice that they are common men with superhuman alter egos. They are cut from the same mold. So there can be no fight. If not that then they would at least be fighting on the same team of good. So the original question of who would win should be “both”

  7. CaptBill your a moron… cut from the same mold?? cut from the same cloth fuckstick

  8. Thats two words

  9. I know that picture, its from “Heroes Reborn” after “Onslought”. They did not fight. If they did fight, Hulk will definitely own Spidey. Hulk had a series where he fought lots of heroes when he came back to earth after Ironman tricked him and sent him to another planet.

  10. I think the next image should be something like this:


    .. or not!! Who knows!


  11. its crazy
    how can he fight giant

  12. C’mon, spidey comes out on top fighting lots of super strong types, he almost always out THINKS his opponents, he doesn’t usually outfight them. And it’s not too hard to think circles round the hulk….

  13. Finally some people that aren’t so up spider-mans ass they can step back and see this fight for what would inevitably happen. Spider-Man is awesome don’t get me wrong he could go toe to toe with many of the great marvel characters but when it comes down to the Hulk he’s done for. Spider-man has agility and brain power over the hulk but as far as strength, speed, and size he will never match up. The hulks endurance and stamina will drive him to fight until spider-man his nothing more than a smudge on the pavement. End result Spider-man stops for some wisecrack and Hulk capitalizes with on big green fist the face which in turns knocks spider-mans head off and now we have to plan a funeral for our favorite wall crawler.

  14. I would like tell Spider man would win … Spider man will shoot web in hulk eyes n hulk will be blind then he take hulk into volcano throw in magma then finish spider win yo yo ……

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