Strange Sounds Were Coming From Their Wall, But They Never Expected What Was Inside

When a cat got himself stuck between the thick concrete walls of two buildings, it seemed like there would be no way to get him out. But when the cat’s owner called animal rescuer Nigel Williamson of Nigel’s Animal Rescue, he began a long and complicated rescue.

Cobby had wedged himself so far into the walls that there was no way he could get out.


When Williamson arrived on the scene, he drilled one hole through the 15-centimeter-thick concrete so that they could see where the kitten was.


But when his tools weren’t enough, reinforcements from the fire brigade were called to the scene.


They were equipped with tools more suited to cutting through steel beams and concrete.

The cat was exhausted from the whole ordeal…


But he eventually made it out of this very unfortunate situation, safe and sound.

Watch Williamson and the firemen work tirelessly in hopes of saving the little kitten.

Williamson says that after more than 20 years of animal rescues, this was by far the most difficult. But it was worth every drop of sweat to see the feline safe again, purring in his mom’s arms.

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