Strategy And Tactics For Playing Aviator Games

The Aviator game is among the most played crash games found on most casino websites online. This real-money casino game was launched by Spribe in 2019 and it has become a household name in most online casinos within a short time.

So, what’s the aviator game and which tactics can you employ to increase your chances of winning? Let’s find out!

What’s the aviator game?

Spribe’s Aviator game is a simple casino crash game that involves flying a virtual plane for a specific reward. When you launch the game, you’ll see a black field and a virtual plane takes off immediately after placing your wager. The higher the plane goes, the more your winning odds will increase. However, there’s a huge risk in waiting for the plane to rack up the highest odds as it can fly away and you’ll lose your bet.

While the game mechanics might seem sophisticated and confusing for beginners, the rules are simple to understand. Remember that the odds can jump as high as 10,000X at one moment or fall to zero, so you must pay attention when playing the game.  However, you don’t need any special skills or complex betting strategies to gain an edge over the house.

Best Betting Strategies for the Betway aviator game

While no aviator game strategy can guarantee you a win, there are several strategies you can use to increase the chances of getting a favorable outcome. Here are aviator strategies and tricks that will come in handy when playing this multi-player casino game at the Betway casino:

The One Bet Strategy

The one-bet aviator strategy is the most convenient gambling strategy for beginners in this game. The strategy works well for players without a lot of experience in the game, since it’s difficult for many beginners to keep track of all the key elements in the game.

By using this strategy, you’ll direct your attention to only a single object, helping you keep everything under control and get high odds. However, it’s important to start by determining the size of your bets to avoid breaking your bankroll while wagering.

Minimum risk strategy

When you choose to use this aviator game strategy at Betway, it’s crucial to wager on small coefficients. That means wagering on small coefficients with odds less than 1.5X. The returns will not be huge, but this betting strategy will let you stay in the game long enough to make a profit while minimizing your financial losses.

Moderate risk betting strategy

The moderate-risk aviator game betting strategy is the best option for casino players who have enough cash on their bankroll. That means occasionally losing your bets should be a major disappointment when using this strategy. In this strategy, you target moderate odds with higher coefficients like X2 or X3.

Play two simultaneous bets

Unlike placing a single bet, you need to pay a lot of attention to your game when you place two aviator bets. However, this aviator game strategy has a moderate risk and it’s considered the best option for intermediate and experienced players alike.

For your first bet, we recommend choosing an automatic bet with an automatic withdrawal of X1.2 odds and for the second, use the moderate risk strategy described in the single-bet strategy. The strategy ensures you maintain your bankroll and still get the chance to hit it big.

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