Strongman Lifts World’s Largest Potato And The Internet Has Some Reactions

Strongman Lifts World’s Largest Potato And Instantly Becomes A Meme!

International Strongman, who annoyingly isn’t Irish, Dimitar Savatinov made news recently after successfully lifting the world’s largest potato off the ground, and then putting it back on the ground.

But you can put away the bacon and sour cream. No French fries were made. There were no mashed potatoes. Not even a very large pierogi. It was just one of those times when a really big dude thought to himself: I’d like to find a large potato, and I’d like to prove I can lift it.

Potato-lifting-motives aside, the internet got ahold of the photato of him doing it and had themselves a field day. You can find the original photo above, and the masterpieces below.

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