Submarine in Trouble

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  1. Fake and stupid

  2. if a typical sub conning tower is around 30′ then this wave is around 120′ in what appears to be relative calm seas and little wind.Photographed from where? As a mariner , unless it was a true rogue wave , youd have time to get the bow pointing into the wave.

  3. Probably fake but pretty funny 🙂

  4. Retard, that train for ladies only is in japan to reduce train raping and grope

  5. That sub picture is so fake only an idiot would believe thats real

  6. That sub is the USS Seawolf (SSN 23). The pic is obviously fake. One thing that makes it fake is the hull number on the side of the sail. US subs only have the hull numbers on the side of the sail for photo ops. Once the photos are done, the numbers are removed. Plus, unless you heard of a tsunami hitting Long Island Sound, this photo would have been impossible.
    “How do you know so much?!?”
    I was in the US Submarine Force for 5 years. That’s how.

  7. Sorry, I meant SSN 21. The 23 is the USS Jimmy Carter.

  8. The first picture is fake…

  9. RE: Sub Photo and comments- The pic is quite obviously photoshopped, I’m glad that some of us former bubbleheads picked it out! They did a great job touching it up, but the scale is all wrong, the sub is WAY too small… 3 years at Pearl Harbor, and the biggest waves on the North Shore in Winter were about 50 feet- or, a few feet over the top of the ‘BRA-34’ antennas on top of the sail. Also… notice the two bridge watches standing (bolt upright!) next to the BRA-34’s… would you be standing there if you were going to be washed overboard? I’d be down the damned hatch!

    EM3/SS- USS Dace (SSN-607) Decom crew, 10/87- 12/88.
    EM2/SS- USS San Francisco (SSN-711), 12/88- 12/91.

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