Wednesday , 23 January 2019

Surprising Facts Collection


“Next to the US Army, Disney World is the largest buyer and importer of explosives in the USA.”ThisIsTheArbour


There are more tigers privately owned in the state of Texas than there are in the wild worldwide. – Dillardsspringsale


“Since it’s discovery, in 1930, Pluto has not yet made a full orbit of the sun.”tamman2000



“China Used More Concrete In 3 Years Than The U.S. Used In The Entire 20th Century.” – ravenraven173


“The entire continent of South America is east of Florida.”Conspiracy__



“Fanta started as a Coca-Cola substitute in 1940s Nazi Germany.”matthattar



“We can’t prove we aren’t in a simulation.”schlipschlopskadoo



“If the earth was the size of a marble you would need seven miles of space to build a scale model of the solar system.”groorgwrx



“About 40 percent of the world’s food is wasted. And a lot of that is before it even hits the shelves.”nanoH2O



“Bing Crosby advocated for salmon conservation in the North Atlantic against Denmark’s overfishing in the early 1970s. The Danish government banned everything Bing Crosby in Denmark, but because he was so popular there, the Danish people protested the government, making them overturn the Bing Crosby law and even to enact salmon conservation legislation.

Bing Crosby single-handedly managed to create a piece of Danish law.”AscendingSnowOwl


This year there will be pornstars who were born in 2000. – robtheexploder


“Maine is the closest US state to Africa.”dwrussell96



“A banana is a berry but a strawberry is not.”KeelsDB


“The Moon orbits us from the west to the east, but we see it move across the sky east to west because of the rate of the Earths rotation – our observation is like being in a faster car watching a slower car (heading in the same absolute direction) fall further and further behind us.”kippersmoker


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