Surprising Ways Pets Can Impact Your Chances of Finding Love

Surprisingly, pets can hinder or facilitate your chances of finding love more than you think. This site shared some interesting information about why pets can have quite an impact on your chances of finding love. Whether you are a dog lover, cat or parrot owner, you should have had some experience in the way pets can set you up for failure, or a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Take a look at how our domesticated friends affect our love lives.

They Make for Excellent Conversation Starters

What happens when it gets chilly (not because of the weather), but because there is absolutely nothing to talk about? Well, pets help bring some warmth to the room, and conversation. If breaking the ice is a problem, a dog will get you sorted out in a jiffy. The conversation can take off with a simple mention of a dog park nearby. Basically, you cannot miss out on something to discuss when you have a pet. The key, though, is to ensure that your dog is clean.

Having a Pet Can improve your mood

Feeling downtrodden and washed up? When it rains it pours for a cat, it’s simply time to snuggle up. Anytime you are having a dark day, a cat or dog will most likely be your best bet at finding peace. When you snuggle up with a cat or dog, there needs to give you attention will change your mood instantly.

The unconditional love that a dog has for its owners, means any stress for your social life can be lifted. This, in turn, means you are more open to reaching out and letting people into your life, for love

Pets can also improve your social life 

When you leave the house in the morning and are tense about work, or meeting new clients, the last thing you need are strangers bumping into you. When you finally get done with work, you may not be necessarily up to meeting new people

Having a dog will encourage (or force you), into taking walks. When you are out and about, you will inevitably stir up conversations with strangers, based on the fact that you have a dog. And there you go. Your social life just got a boost.

Pets Actually Make You More Desirable

This is very debatable- a very thin line between being desirable or being called a freak. A nice poodle or Shitzu type of dog can get you date (or laid) any day. A snake or Pitbull, however, may get you looks from passersby that do not say “we are interested”.

Interestingly enough, this desirability stems from how you treat your pet or the amount of time you spend tending to them. Ladies love a man that can take care of something (or someone) else, other than themselves. If you love washing your dog, maybe you’ll help her with her groceries too, and her shower.

Pets Are the Way to Someone’s Heart

Visualize a lady or gent with a pet they’ve invested a lot of physical, and emotional love into. If that pet does not like you, it’s in your best interest to get better acquainted with you

If you do not require to put in any effort to get them to like you (the pet that is), less effort is necessary to capture the owner’s heart. Women want their partners to exhibit affection for their pets that they show to them. This is scientifically proven and can be a huge advantage for anyone who runs into a lady with a feisty little poodle either take one for the team or leave the lady alone

Having a pet nearby (especially a dog), can make you feel more secure

Obviously, a dog can be a pet as well as a burglar deterrent. However, the security a dog offers transcends the confines of a home. Even when out and about, a loyal dog always knows what its owner needs, and how to go about warning you of any threats.

If you are alone, or with a friend, the loyalty of a dog can also bring you closer. Picture yourself hanging out with your dog and IT, helps a friend of yours get out of an immediate threat.

Be it Playing Catch or Yoga, Pets make you more Physically Active

You cannot miss out on an opportunity to get a workout with a pet unless your neighbor takes it out for a walk. Owning a dog will have you leaving the house a few times a day, either for a run, or a slow walk.

Either way, you will not live a succulent (or lazy) lifestyle with a dog- having a cat, however, may not get you the same workout. Such a fit lifestyle that involves walks in the park, and visits dog food stores, will ensure that you run into one or two ladies/gents along the way.

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