Swift Vengeance!

“I worked at a retail chain that sold pet supplies and products. When I started working there it was great, family-owned and everyone I worked with was fantastic. The owners eventually wanted to retire and sold the small chain to an investment group. Once the investment group took over, almost all but a few employees were let go, forced out or just quit. I hung on for a little while longer before I got promoted at my other job.”

“New company brings in new manager to my store. My store was the top performing store in the entire chain, bringing in about $10,000-12,000/day on average. It was always more on weekends and especially around the holidays. The new manager is a Mr Company man, company told him they only want employees around for 2-3 years, myself and two others had been there 10+ years.”

“So naturally he began ruffling feathers and giving us all a hard time. Unfortunately he decided on me first. Mr Company man found out I work 2 jobs. The two jobs are not in related fields so there was no chance of any conflicts of interest on my end. However, my second job requires me to work nights and weekends.

When Mr Company man found this out he demanded I work nights/weekends there, so it was “fair” for everyone.”

“I didn’t work nights and weekends there because I was that stores only OSHA certified forklift operator, and deliveries didn’t come at night, they came weekday mornings, everyday. Mr Company man didn’t want to hear that, and told me I either had to work nights and weekends, or that day would be my last day. I told him, “Don’t threaten me with a good time, I suppose today is my last day then.”

I was pretty pissed about that, but it’s not a big deal now, ended up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

“I went home early, didn’t finish my shift, because f@#k em. But when I got home I decided to call my local OSHA inspector and report them for not having a certified operator on staff, as well as numerous other hazards.

Needless to say, they lost close to 3 weeks profit from all the violations the inspector found. I was surprised they even showed up. In my state the inspector will call you back after an inspection and tell you if your claims were founded or not. Mine were. And Mr Company man got his @$$ chewed out so bad he ended up quitting.”

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