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Giant Alligator Ruins Golf Game

Publishing companies might have to start rewriting science textbooks after what one group of people spotted on a golf course. Last week, members at the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida, spotted a huge alligator walking across the No. …

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Prosthesis for Alligator

11-year-old alligator Mr. Stubbs got a prosthetic tail from the Phoenix Herpetological Society, Arizona. But it’s only the beginning. The gators live up to 60 years, and Mr. Stabbs will need about 40 new larger protheses.

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Scary Unexpected Visitor

A typical day in the sunshine state. Nothing very unusual going on here, unless you consider having an alligator in your house unusual. In Florida it is a regular occurrence. The price you pay for all of that sunshine.

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