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Have you heard of these unusual fetishes?

Dendrophilia Having sexual interest in trees. Climacophilia Sexual arousal by falling down stairs.  ‘Yiff’ or ‘Yiffy’ This fetish features ‘furries’ or anthropomorphic animals in an erotic setting. Paraphilic infantilism Involves performers wearing diapers. This often has somebody acting in the …

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Unusual and Rare Weapons

The Chakram was a hoop-shaped disk with a sharpened outer edge and was used as a throwing weapon by Indian warrior castes. Depending on the size, they could be hung around the wrists or neck and then thrown almost like …

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Caffrey the Cat

When Caffrey was three years old he was run over by a car and lost his left hind leg. Four months ago his front left leg amputated. Caffrey has to live with only two legs left. But it didn’t stop …

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