Technology Sucks


  1. I wish I could republish things on the internet and have google ads pay me for it

  2. I was expecting more, one single picture does not really cut it.

  3. Now technology is amazing.

  4. I get your point.

  5. Wish there was more than one picture, true tho

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  6. God, MORE prequel bashing. OK, first of all, what is the difference between CGI and models. Everyone always says that CGI isn’t real but guess what, NEITHER ARE MODELS! I agree that models should be used whenever possible and I think that George Lucas did go overboard on the CGI, but I don’t see why CGI is such a terrible thing. Just face the facts people. The reason you hate the prequels so much isn’t because of CGI, or bad acting, or anything like that. It’s because it’s different. The prequels weren’t exactly like the originals and because of that, you have to ruin them for the rest of us. GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  7. I was expecting more, one single picture does not really cut it.

  8. Technology is great no denying it and at this point, who could live without it

  9. Technology changes our lives.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  10. Im fine with the technological advances and things becoming more virtual, though a fine balance between the real world and the one which is not is required to stay sane. More pictures of the subject would’ve been nice

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