Tell Me You Have Kids Without Telling Me You Have Kids

“We found signs of a 6 year old dinosaur in our house…”

“Tell me you have a toddler without telling me you have a toddler.”

“Eats one bite from each strawberry because, “It freaks me out to get close to the white part.”

“Hun, here’s our remote.”

“This is how my daughter put the pants on the hanger.”

“I don’t know which of my kids did this, but I’m pretty sure their dentist could help me find out.”

“Apparently, ’somebody’ cut the lamp’s electrical cord in half.”

“My 3-year-old took a bite out of the toilet paper roll.”

“This is how a 5-year-old opens a new loaf of bread.”

“Toilet carrots.”

“This is how my little brother hangs clothes.”

“My neighbor’s kid was a little too quiet.”

“Trying to potty train my teething toddler.”

“What it’s like having a toddler.”


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