Tennis wealth: you’ll never guess the #1

The following list of top wealth in the tennis world is for total Net Worth. This includes both carrier earnings on the court and additional wealth accumulated off the court (sponsorships/coaching/investments) minus their personal liabilities.

Without googling the answer, you’ll never guess the former tennis pro that currently ranks #1 for top Net Worth.

Stefan Edberg $25 million
This Swede has made additional money coaching players such as Roger Federer.

NOTE: a couple of the players are still playing on the tour to which I added their estimated “Market Value”.

Tomas Berdych $26 million
(current market value est. $185 million)
This good lookin’ 31-yr old Czech has built a personal fortune with some smart stock investments, substantial property holdings and a lucrative endorsement deal with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Stan Wawrinka $28 million
(current market value est. $32.2 million)

Björn Borg $28.5 million

Michael Chang $30 million
Mr. Chang is currently coaching Japan’s top player named Kei Nishikori.

Steffi Graf $30 million

Steffi and Agassi have a serious combined wealth…and their school in Las Vegas is helping a community.

Andy Roddick $30 million

David Ferrer $31 million
(current market value est. $40.8 million)

Kei Nishikori $33.5 million

Boris Becker $35 million
He has helped coach Novak Djokovic.

Maria Sharapova $195 million BUT…
…Mrs. Sharapova was suspended for 2 years after being found guilty of doping.

Nike decided not to drop her sponsorship deal…if that decision changes, her estimated loss ranges from $70-$100 million.

Victoria Azarenka $37 million
(current market value est. $43.6 million)

Ivan Lendl $40 million
He has helped coach Andy Murray.

John McEnroe $50 million

Andy Murray $70 million

Venus Williams $75 million

Rafael Nadal $140 million

Pete Sampras $150 million

Novak Djokovic $160 million

Serena Williams $160 million

Andre Agassi $175 million

Roger Federer $350 million

Ion Tiriac was born in Transylvania which earned him the nickname “Count Dracula”. As a tennis player, his most notable feat was winning the French Open Doubles championship with Ilie Năstase in 1970. After retiring from the pro circuit, this Romanian first went into managing other top professional tennis pros such as Boris Becker.

Following the collapse of Communism, Mr. Tiriac founded “Banca Țiriac” which was the first private bank in Romania.

His investment in “Banca Tiriac” lifts him to #1 on this list.

Ion Tiriac has an estimated net worth of TWO BILLION DOLLARS.

Ain’t no money can purchase these two human’s sportsmanship.

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