Texas Ranchers Scramble To Save Wild And Farm Animals From The Unusual Cold

“You know its cold in Texas, when these things let you to pick them up.”

“Caught this little fighter just in time.”

“We are grateful for the support of the community (near and far), City of South Padre Island leadership, and City of South Padre Island Convention Center for responding to our emergent needs. Tonight’s count is over 1,700 cold – stunned sea turtles being housed at the facility and the City of South Padre Island Convention Center. We ask the public to shop our amazon wishlist and to donate to our cause. Three resident sea turtles have already been removed from the tanks tonight and are inside the education center. We will be needing to move the other two residents soon if the power is not restored. Staff, volunteers and community are working tirelessly to provide critical care for these magnificent creatures.”

“What they gathered today in South Padre.”

“Freezing to death. Some of us quite literally.”

“I converted my dining room into a spot for the animals for the ‘blizzard’ coming!”

“San Antonio Zoo moves animals during winter storm.”

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