Thursday , 22 August 2019

That’s Actually Kind Of Cool


This brick map chipped away on this wall.

“A collection of things my local shop has pulled out of flat tires”

High-fiving bread.

This power strip outlet looks like a tough guy trying to flex his muscles.

A single egg carton.

This orange looks like a pumpkin.

“The dirt and leaves collecting above my car’s trunk are starting to sprout.”

Conjoined gummy bears.

These chopsticks have textured ends for better grip.

A nicely poured Guinness.

Bye Bye Mario.

This middle school has a skateboard locker.

A forest of frost.

They decided to leave the cannonball imbedded in the courthouse.

A textbook pillar on campus.

“My Aunt’s bathroom sink.”

This house painted like a Windows 95 desktop

This plywood knothole looks like it has teeth.

“My cat was on top of a closet so I took a pic of me “petting” her from afar but it turned out kinda sinister.”

“My neighbor’s house encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio (on shore of Lake Erie)”

This restaurant has the eye of Sauron always watching.

A wave of fake fried rice.

A guide to 90s emojis.

Norwegian gingerbread stave church. Made by chefs on the offshore oil platform Aasta Hansteen.

View into a basement after chimney removal.

A chain of convenient marts have begun installing blue fluorescent lights to prevent people from shooting up in them. (The blue lights makes it nearly impossible to find a vein.)

Barcode on my box getting mowed by tiny tractor.

A shell that looks like an Air Pod.


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