The 30 Funniest Mom Fails On The Net

Here are our favorite mom fails:

Apparently I could use another 100 days of school.

I completely forgot to make sure the tooth fairy visited last night.

This mom who washed her kid’s teddy bear.

This mom who poured coffee instead of milk into her kid’s cereal.

When you forget to remove the camping saw after using your kids backpack for a camping trip before school started.

Fuck you diaper genie

Sent Hayden to time out… where she used her time to find the baby powder.

This mom who sent her kid to school with a moldy sandwich.

This mom who thought she could get her kids to the bus stop on time.

Nothing like accidentally throwing the doll in the wash.

My child asked me to make a sword pancake…. this was the end result

This mom who is still learning how to put onesies on.

The mom who accidentally dropped the grocery bag.

This mom who got this note from her starving child because she forgot to go to the grocery store.

This one decided to climb into the dishwasher. Had to figure out how to safely get him out of there and as I am trying to pull him out he falls and smacks his face inside the dishwasher.

The mom who just wanted to get a cute picture.

Mom was clearly just desperate for wine.

How does this even happen.

This mom who over estimated how much soap she needed.

Me: “ Give me your social security card so that you don’t lose it” and then proceeds to put it in my pocket and washes jeans.

Balloon swords gone very very wrong….

They should never make butt cream in the same kind of tube as tooth paste

This sleep-deprived mom who packed her kid’s lunch.

Uses a carrot to plug the pool filter…. good job mom

This mom who let her toddler have her chapstick.

This mom who meant to use cinnamon, but used chili powder instead.

This mom who somehow managed to knock the AC unit out the window.

May your cup of happiness (not oatmeal) overflow today… And always. – ancient motherhood proverb

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